Update: The competition entries for the 2019 festival are shown below.



Crea Arquitectura

Clara Riera Escalona

Crea Arquitectura

Prodis UdG

Xavier Espinach Orus

Projects UdG

Fernando Julián Pérez

Product design UdG

Fusteria Digital

Marc Whitelaw Teixidor

Fusteria Digital


  • Every participant must send by e-mail a PDF poster in size A3 where the proposed concept is shown. It may include CAD or hand drawings, explanations, pictures or plans if you wish. Detail for production is not necessary, it is enough if the idea can be clearly understood.

  • The structure must comply with the rules to participate in the Temps de Flors festival from the Town Council. Check them here.

  • It must be made of wooden parts of up to 15 mm thickness and every part must fit in 125 x 250 cm boards. Other materials may also be used, and of course, flowers.

  • Every author will keep the rights over their design, permitting Fusteria Digital to publish the poster on this webpage and other places.

  • Deadline 20th of January. Publication of the winners on the 26th of January.

  • The prizes are to spend on services of Fusteria Digital, but not necessarily on the proposed design. 

  • Everybody is welcome on Fridays to build scale models together.

  • All authors may present their design to the Town Council to opt to participate on the Flower Festival. This competition is a separate thing. The deadline to present designs for the festival is the 31st of January. +Info

Winner selection criteria:

  • Artistic quality of the design.

  • Connection with the theme of the flower festival.

  • Use of digital fabrication technologies.

Indi Arquitectura Temps de Flors Girona
Temps de Flors Girona
Temps de Flors Girona
Temps de Flors Girona
Temps de Flors Girona
Girona Temps de Flors